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Truck Accidents Involving Improperly Loaded Cargo in Houston

Unsecured Truck Cargo Can Cause Serious Injuries – Call The Daspit Law Firm If You’ve Been Hurt!

Commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, tanker trucks, and box trucks may carry extremely heavy and/or hazardous cargo. The manner in which this cargo is secured and balanced may have a direct impact on a driver's ability to maneuver the vehicle and may therefore influence the likelihood of an accident.

If cargo is improperly loaded and secured, the truck's brakes, steering, and suspension systems may not operate properly or may fail entirely. Improperly secured cargo can also fall off a truck and onto public roadways, which creates a hazard for everyone on the road.

Improperly secured cargo can present two serious hazards:

  • It may shift during transport. When cargo shifts, it can leave a truck seriously out of balance, and this can affect steering and braking. It can make a truck more prone to jackknifing or rolling over, even in normally safe situations. If a truck driver is faced with an emergency maneuver while driving an unbalanced truck, the chances of him or her losing control are far greater.
  • It may come loose and actually fall out of a truck during transport. Unsecured cargo can fall off of a truck, leaving a potentially deadly obstacle in the road. This is a particularly frightening situation, as another driver may have little to no chance of avoiding a collision when an object comes flying off a truck into their path.

When a truck accident results from unsecured cargo or another form of truck driver negligence, The Daspit Law Firm is here to help. Our Houston unsecured cargo accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of the wrongfully injured. When it comes to recovering your health and restoring the financial circumstances you were in before the accident, trust a firm that has years of experience helping clients protect their futures and fight for the compensation they are due.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE case review with a Houston unsecured cargo accident attorney!

Cargo Securement Regulation Violations

Because secured cargo is crucial to public safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces specific guidelines that apply to cargo securement on commercial trucks based on careful studies of commercial motor vehicle performance.

For example, the FMCSA requires that there must be at least one tie-down for an item that is up to five feet long and weighs no more than 1,100 pounds. Issues such as deceleration and acceleration rates have been closely analyzed to determine optimal securement procedures using specific devices and systems. These standards apply to tie downs, anchor points, steel strapping, ropes, chains, synthetic webbing, and cords.

These devices must be used properly and must be in working order if they are to keep cargo from shifting during transport. The FMCSA specifically states cargo should be effectively secured on or inside a vehicle by two key methods: fastening with sufficiently strong equipment and dunnage to fill empty space and protect cargo.

When these regulations are not followed, or even in some cases when they are followed, the truck's load may shift in transit, throwing the truck out of balance and causing a rollover or other type of disastrous accident.

There is also the very real possibility that the load could come free and fall on another vehicle. These kinds of accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that burden individuals with costly medical expenses for years. Tragically, some of these accidents may even result in fatal injuries.

Civil Liability in Truck Accident Cases

In addition to facing fines and possible closure or license suspension, trucking companies or drivers who commit violations of trucking regulations may be held responsible in civil court. This is where our firm comes in. We can seek financial compensation for injuries caused by a truck accident, to cover medical bills, continued treatment, lost wages, lost future earnings, property damage, and even non-economic losses like emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

We Ease the Financial Burden with Contingency Fees

Holding a trucking company, loading company, or truck driver responsible for negligent cargo loading or securement can be difficult. Fortunately, our Houston lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to investigate these cases and build compelling evidence against at-fault parties.

Our team operates on a contingency fee basiswe do not collect attorney fees unless you win! This allows our unsecured cargo accident attorneys to assist you in fighting for your compensation without adding to your financial burden.

It also allows you to focus on your recovery and your other financial responsibilities and enables us to focus on protecting your rights. Whether you are taking action to sue for an injury or in a wrongful death claim, our Houston unsecured cargo accident lawyer may help you obtain the solutions you are looking for.

Schedule a free case evaluation with The Daspit Law Firm today and find out how our dedicated, knowledgeable legal team can fight for the compensation you are owed!

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