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At The Daspit Law Firm, we strongly believe in protecting the rights of individuals who have been wrongfully injured or otherwise harmed through the negligent or reckless behaviors of a third party. From workplace injuries, to property contamination, to car accidents, victims of every type of accident can seek legal recourse under the guidance of a skillful and experienced Houston personal injury lawyer at our office.

Our lead attorney, Mr. Daspit, has logged thousands upon thousands of hours to high-profile litigious cases of every nature, including the infamous BP refinery explosion of March 2005. Treating every case as if it were our own, our legal team has been successful in securing favorable verdicts and settlements for a number of our past clients and we are fully prepared to yield similar results for you. Our personalized approach to the law provides for unique methods and satisfactory results, so we encourage you to call us today.

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As the second most populous state in America, Texas is known for its diverse features. The aspects that are unique to our great state deserve to be protected, as do the individuals who reside in different areas throughout the state. For this very reason, at The Daspit Law Firm we extend our legal

Anyone who is suffering from personal injury or property damage in one of the following areas is welcomed to contact a member of our team today to begin the legal process toward seeking recovery.

We take appointments seven days a week, including nights and weekends, so contact us today for a free case evaluation.As a native Texan himself, our lead attorney is a long-time resident of Houston who both respects and admires all that the state has to offer. As such, he and the rest of our team are committed to attending to injury and accident cases in areas throughout the state. To aid in our endeavor to help individuals in multiple areas throughout Texas, we have two office locations: one in Houston, Texas and one in Beaumont, Texas.