Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits in Texas

Were You or a Loved One Injured by Transvaginal Mesh?

Transvaginal mesh is used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a medical condition that occurs when the organs in a woman's lower abdomen collapse or slip out of place. POP affects approximately one third of women during their lives. POP can affect the bladder uterus, bowels, and vagina. To treat POP, doctors developed transvaginal mesh implants. If you suffered because of a transvaginal mesh implant, you may be able to collect financial compensation with the help of a Houston personal injury attorney The Daspit Law Firm.

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Transvaginal mesh implants can effectively treat POP, but the risks far outweigh the benefits of a possible treatment. In fact, mesh implants can aggravate the symptoms and conditions associated with POP. According to some sources, transvaginal mesh is less invasive and simpler than most POP treatments; however, statistics show that transvaginal mesh has the highest complication rate of any POP treatment. Two of the most serious side effects include erosion and perforation.


Erosion occurs when the mesh begins to erode the patient's vaginal wall. Erosion is not only painful, but can lead to bleeding, nerve damage, and infection. If the mesh completely passes through the vaginal tissue, it may become completely exposed.

Organ Perforation

If the mesh begins to erode the patient's vaginal wall, it could damage other pelvic organs as well. Exposed transvaginal mesh can cut or puncture nearby organs, including the bladder or bowels. This serious condition requires surgery.

Other Side Effects & Complications

The adverse effects related to transvaginal mesh can be far-reaching and may include the following problems:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Severe Pain
  • Neuro-Muscular Damage
  • Infection
  • Vaginal Shrinkage
  • Bleeding
  • Pain During Sexual Intercourse
  • Vaginal Scar Tissue
  • Revision Surgery
  • Emotional Stress

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits & Settlements

If you or someone you love suffered because of a faulty transvaginal mesh product, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. With the help of The Daspit Law Firm, you can seek damages for medical expenses, emotional damages, and ongoing medical care.