Oil Refinery Operating Procedures

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In 2005, a hydrocarbon vapor cloud exploded at the Texas City oil refinery, injuring nearly 200 workers and taking the lives of 15 more. According to some investigators, the refinery was not properly maintained for several years before the accident. Poor maintenance, faulty data collection, overlooked safety precautions, and other ignored oil refinery operating procedures can lead to cataclysmic accidents. Because of these dangers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put important operating procedures in place. If your employer fails to adhere to these procedures, it may be held liable for any subsequent accidents, injuries, or fatalities.

Understanding OSHA's Operating Procedures for Oil Refineries

OSHA guidelines address a wide variety of topics in its oil refinery operating procedures. These procedures describe the following situations:

  • Health / Safety Precautions
  • Tasks to Perform
  • Necessary Samples to Collect
  • Required Data to Record
  • Operating Conditions to Maintain

These procedures are used to cultivate a safe work environment. Additionally, they provide the employer with technically accurate information aligned with known hazards in the workplace. If you suspect that your employer failed to follow the required operating procedures, speak with an attorney today.

In addition to following OSHA's operating procedures, your employer must provide specific guidance for workers to follow in the event of a dangerous situation. Control room staff, operating staff, and others must have a complete knowledge of the operating procedures, along with management personnel.

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