Crane Accidents

Injured in a crane accident in Houston?

Cranes are among the most impressive pieces of equipment found on the construction site. They can be seen from miles away and are a symbol of progress and development in growing cities such as Houston. They enable crews to move massive objects weighing tens of thousands of pounds around on the worksite and to build structures up to great heights. As valuable as these marvels of engineering may be to construction crews, they also pose a very real threat to life and limb for people who work in the vicinity.

Causes and Consequences of a Crane Accident

A crane accident can easily cause catastrophic injury or death to one or many workers. This type of accident commonly has devastating consequences that make headline news. The lives of the workers and their families can be changed forever in an instant. In most cases, the tragic accident is entirely avoidable. A careful investigation of the situation may reveal that the crew made errors in the assembly or disassembly of the structure or were negligent in the rigging or operation of the crane.

The accident may have been caused by the operator's mistake in dropping the load or maneuvering the crane in an unsafe manner. Perhaps the employer failed to conduct proper training or to enforce workplace safety regulations. Defective or faulty equipment could also be the culprit.

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