Chemical Burn Claims in Houston

About Chemical Burns

Few types of injuries can be more physically and emotionally painful than burns. This is true whether they are thermal, electrical or chemical burns. Chemical burns, however, are among the most devastating types of burns. A person who suffers a chemical burn will normally have little or no warning. Unlike burns caused by flames or electricity, chemical burns are not something that the accident victim can simply recoil from. The only solution is to wash the substance off, but even in attempting to do so the person may make the problem more severe, since for example pouring water on the substance may aggravate the burn. To make matters worse, inhalation of vapors of the substance may additionally cause burns to the throat and lungs.

Consequences of a Chemical Burn

In addition to being incredibly painful, chemical burns often cause severe emotional trauma that may last for a lifetime. They may be superficial burns that heal quickly, or they might penetrate through the first layer of skin and cause deep and lasting damage. Chemical burn injury victims are liable to suffer extensive scarring and disfigurement, as well as damage to nerve tissue and possible impairment. The accident victim may require extensive medical treatment and might be rendered partially or totally disabled.

Houston Construction Accident Lawyer for Chemical Burn Victims

If you suffered chemical burn injuries in an accident on a construction site, you may be eligible to recover disability benefits and payment for medical treatment by filing a workers' compensation claim against your employer. In the event that your employer does not carry workers' compensation insurance, you still might be able to claim financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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