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The Dangers of Truck Tire Blowouts

The Dangers of Truck Tire Blowouts

18-wheeler trucks travel miles across the country without stopping. This requires trucking companies to do routine maintenance to ensure that every part of the truck is up to code. Unfortunately, truck problems still occur, and one of the most common problems is tire blowouts.

What Causes Tire Blowouts?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire blowouts account for more than 12,000 truck accidents annually. Truck tire blowouts are so common because of the amount of wear and tear on truck tires. Trucks travel hundreds of miles across the country without stopping – many vehicles have a pressure of 75,000 when the cargo is fully loaded. The major strain causes the tires to wear and tear easily, causing the tire to blow out.

Dangers of Truck Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are extremely dangerous for both the truck driver and surrounding vehicles. Not only can a truck blowout cause a truck to become unstable and go out of control, but flying pieces of tire blowouts can also hit pedestrians. Below we explain other major consequences of truck tire blowouts:

  • Truck driver can lose control: It can cause the truck driver to lose control and cause a multiple vehicle accident. Since trucks weigh a significant amount, a collision can result in fatal injuries.
  • Flip over truck: If the truck does lose control, it can cause the vehicle to flip over and impact other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Flying debris: A tire blowout often results in flying debris. Since truck tires are very large, they can obstruct another driver’s view or hit other bystanders.

How to Prevent Tire Blowouts?

The best way to prevent truck tire blowouts is with proper maintenance. Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure that every vehicle is regularly inspected and routinely maintained. Following maintenance procedures will ensure that their trucks meet safety standards at all times.

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