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Common Types of Tractor Accidents

Common Types of Tractor Accidents

Although a tractor is a crucial piece of farm equipment, tractor accidents are the number one cause of deaths and severe injuries among farmers. Tractors lack many of the safety features that you find in the average passenger vehicle, which can lead to devastating injuries if an accident occurs. Below, we discuss some of the common types of tractor accidents so you understand the various safety risks farmers and tractor operators face.

Rollover Accidents

This type of accident occurs when the tractor rolls over on its side. Since most tractors are top-heavy, they are much easier to overturn than most people expect. Rollover accidents can result in serious injuries to not only the tractor operator but anyone near the vehicle too. Although tractors sometimes feature rollover protection structures and seatbelts, these aren’t always enough to prevent rollover accidents due to a sudden change in the slope of the earth, sudden sharp turns, or driving at unsafe speeds.

Run-Over & Entanglements

Tractor operators can be run over by their own vehicles or injured by equipment falling from the cab of a moving tractor. That is why it is crucial to remain vigilant of your surroundings if you are operating a tractor. According to the Farm Injury Resource Center, run-over accidents result in close to 60 deaths each year. People can also become entangled in moving parts of the tractor and suffer catastrophic injuries. If the tractor has a rotary tiller, harvesting rake, or backhoe attached, then the operator and anyone nearby need to be cautious around the sharp blades, moving parts, and heavy fixtures.

Collisions with Passenger Vehicles

According to the National Agricultural Tractor Safety Initiative, collisions with passenger vehicles and trains are a major cause of fatal tractor accidents. Accidents involving tractors and motor vehicles result in nearly 50 tractor operator deaths each year. Drivers on rural roads often exceed the speed limit and can be impatient when passing around farm equipment, which can cause devastating accidents.

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