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Why Left Turns Are 55x More Dangerous Than Right Turns

Why Left Turns Are 55x More Dangerous Than Right Turns

Most drivers are aware that left turns can be riskier than right turns. Left turns often require drivers to pass through oncoming traffic, while right turns don’t. However, most drivers don’t know that left turns are 55 times more dangerous than right turns. Read our blog to find out why.

Left Turn Statistics

Statistics show that 20 percent of all car accidents occur during left turns – making them 55 times more dangerous compared to the average right-hand turn. They are especially dangerous when there aren’t street lights or stop signs protecting drivers at an intersection.  

Left turns expose drivers from all sides of an intersection. A driver can be hit from the side (t-bone), head-on, or from the back (rear-end). Studies also show that head-on and side-impact collisions are the most common during left turns, and they are also the deadliest type of car accident.

When you make an unprotected left turn, you need to be certain that you have enough time to cross the intersection and merge into our lane without being involved in an accident.

Avoid Left Turns

The statistics listed above made many commercial vehicle companies, such as Fed-Ex and UPS, avoid left turns as much as possible. In fact, they will only make left turns when it is absolutely necessary. Non-commercial drivers should also avoid making unprotected left turns whenever possible – especially at highly congested intersections.

Left-Turn Injuries

If you were injured while making a left turn, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Our team at Daspit Law Firm can analyze your case and help you determine if the other parties involved should be held liable for your injuries. We can help you get the best possible results for your case.

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