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Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents in Houston

Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents in Houston

It's not uncommon for Houston residents to have a few drinks after work, or during a night out in town. Yet, doing so becomes problematic when it's time to drive home. When the average adult consumes just a couple alcoholic beverages, it could be enough to qualify as a DUI. Driving inebriated isn't just a crime, it can also be dangerous. By following the tips below you can help avoid a DUI related crash.

Be a Defensive Driver

Just because you didn't drink doesn't mean there are no dangers on the road. You can never be sure if the drivers in adjacent vehicles are intoxicated. However, there are some ways to tell if someone is likely to be drunk and prone to causing road hazards. Someone driving at very high or very slow speeds may be under the influence.

The same goes for those who stop out of nowhere or make wide, unusual turning movements. You should also watch out for drivers who you witness barely escaping an accident. All these signs point to drunk driving. You should try your best to distance yourself from such vehicles.

It's a common misconception that to avoid a suspected drunk driver it is better to get ahead of the vehicle. Actually, the opposite is true. You want to remain at a distance behind the suspect vehicle so that you can remain in control of the situation. This will allow you to stop or pull to the side of the road if necessary.

When a drunk driver is behind you the entire rear of your vehicle is unprotected. In this situation it's easier for a drunk driver to collide with your vehicle without any warning.

Don't Be Afraid to Report

Houston drivers who notice a possible drunk driver should contact the authorities. You may have spotted a drunk driver who is minutes away from an accident. You can do a lot for other drivers on the road by calling 911.

Officers can use your vehicle description to hunt down a DUI suspect. You shouldn't feel bad or embarrassed by taking this step. In fact, you might be saving several lives including that of the inebriated driver!

Take Care of Your Friends

We have all heard the advice reminding us not to let friends drive drunk. This is sage advice. You can do your part to reduce the amount of DUI related crashes on the road by preventing others from driving drunk.

Noticing when a friend is drunk can be hard to do because individuals metabolize alcohol differently. Therefore, it's good practice to avoid driving whenever any amount of alcohol is consumed. With today's ride share options there really isn't any excuse to drive drunk. Prevent DUI accidents by helping your friends get a safe ride home.

Legal Help for Houston DUI Accidents

If you have been hurt in a DUI accident, you need to get help! The Daspit Law Firm can assist you in any situation involving a DUI accident. Contact the Houston auto accident attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm today to discuss your legal matter.