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The Impact of Potential Trauma In a Car Accident

The Impact of Potential Trauma In a Car Accident

Car crashes are unpredictable and almost impossible to prevent. Regardless of how good a driver is, it is the other people on the road who can be dangerous. So it’s never an easy situation to suffer an injury after a car accident. Even worse, it can lead to trauma, which can impact a survivor’s entire livelihood.

Most people associate the term trauma with a soldier returning from war, but there are many instances in which someone can suffer from post-traumatic stress. A car accident is one of these. Here are some ways that trauma can impact an individual after a car crash.


After a car crash, someone suffering from trauma may have to deal with the occurrence of triggers that bring about flashbacks to the accident. In a car crash, triggers can come in a number of forms, all impacting the survivor in different ways.

For instance, the person may have a flashback any time they hear a loud bang or when tires screech from braking. The sound of honking may also be a trigger if that was present during the accident. These feelings of anxiety may prevent a person from even driving in a car.

Impact on Employment

Imaging the effect a car crash can have on a victim if they work as a driver. Unfortunately, trauma is often a direct cause of anxiety, making it nearly impossible for the survivor to complete similar tasks as before the accident. If they were a driver in their past position, this may be affected by the anxiety and stress of the situation caused by flashbacks.

Changes In Relationships

Car crashes can prevent individuals from completing certain obligations or traveling with friends or family. This can change or impact relationships for the survivor. This is often the case with severe cases of trauma after an accident that prevents the survivor from getting back into a vehicle.

This type of pain and suffering may be compensable by the survivor if the accident was caused by a negligent party. Our Houston auto accident attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm work hard to represent individuals dealing with serious losses after a crash.

We can help protect your rights from start to finish, always looking out for your best interests every step of the way.

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