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Staying Out of Commercial Truck Blind Spots

Staying Out of Commercial Truck Blind Spots

Every vehicle on the road has blind spots that prevent the driver from seeing what might be there. No vehicles have more or larger blind spots than commercial trucks. This is bad news for motorists in the holiday season, as the highways ultimately get packed with big rigs hauling cargo, freight, product, and so forth.

While you are traveling from one destination to another, you can help prevent truck accidents by being aware of the blind spots on a big rig. The longer you linger in a blind spot, the more likely you are to be hit by the trucker, who may have no idea your vehicle is there at all. It might be a challenge to stay away from tractor trailer blind spots with so many trucks on the highways during holidays, but a little extra care can go a long way.

The major blind spots on a big rig are:

  • Directly behind: Depending on the length of a tractor trailer, one or two car lengths behind the truck will be entirely unseen by the trucker. Always try to come to a stop behind a big rig with more space between bumpers than you normally leave behind smaller vehicles.
  • In-front: Directly in front of a big rig’s cabin is a blind spot, so you must never cut in front of a large commercial truck. The space in the lane to the right of this blind spot is also extremely difficult for the trucker to see due to the height of their perspective.
  • Left corner: As with smaller vehicles, there is a blind spot on the left, front corner of a commercial truck, just behind the mirror. The difference is truckers, unlike drivers in smaller cars, cannot look over their shoulders to see this blind spot.
  • Right lanes: Projecting outward from the right mirror in a large cone is the largest blind spot of a commercial truck. If you must stay on the right side of a big rig, try to remain by the front bumper or closer to the back of the trailer. This particular blind spot actually gets larger each time you move a lane away from the truck.

Keep in mind that being in a truck accident while in the blind spot of a commercial truck does not make you automatically liable for the crash. The trucker still has a responsibility to other motorists to exercise caution at all times and only turn, change lanes, or merge when they are confident their blind spot is clear. You could be hit by a trucker while in their blind spot but be found not liable at all with the right personal injury claim representation.

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