Insurance Company Defense Experience

How this Can Immensely Benefit Your Case

There are countless personal injury attorneys in Houston who would be more than willing to take on your case. You would have no difficulty finding an accident lawyer who is well intentioned and capable of representing you in your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Not all of them, however, possess equal qualifications and similar backgrounds. If you are determined to achieve the best possible results in your case, it is in your best interest to hire a Houston personal injury lawyer who is uniquely prepared to fight for you against the insurance company and to obtain the full financial compensation that you deserve.

Come to The Daspit Law Firm for help from an injury attorney who has experience in the field of insurance defense. Our skills set us apart from other firms in the Houston area.

We Know How the Opposing Side Thinks

Large businesses and their insurance companies employ teams of expensive lawyers whose job it is to make it more difficult or impossible for you to recover damages. The Daspit Law Firm has years of experience representing some of the largest insurance companies in the world in some of their most complex cases. Our knowledge of how these companies deal with injured persons provides you with an unequaled advantage that levels the playing field for you to face off against an insurance company with nearly unlimited resources. This experience supplies our firm with unique insight into the strategies that the insurance company will likely be using in an attempt to minimize or defeat your claim. We know what types of evidence they use in trying to avoid paying more than necessary, and we are able to isolate and target the weaknesses in their case.

Do Not Take Chances with Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people, unfortunately, try to settle their cases on their own by working directly with the insurance company. They make the enormous mistake of assuming that the insurance company is willing to treat them fairly and will not try to cheat them out of their right to compensation. The odds in such a situation, unfortunately, are stacked against the accident victim. He or she usually does not know how much the claim is actually worth and will be pressured into accepting an unfair settlement. Do not let this happen to you.

Speak with a Houston Personal Injury Attorney Now

Level the playing field in your case by hiring us to represent you throughout the process. With our experience in insurance defense, we know what type of evidence to show the insurance company representatives in order to compel them to settle the case for the amount that it is worth. While we always try to resolve our clients' claims out of court by negotiating for a settlement, we also prepare every case for trial, an approach that routinely produces outstanding results.

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